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Tortilla Flour


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I was checking a site out, and one the CP soaps was called Tortilla. It is described as having lime EO & tortilla flour...You can put Dried Corn Masa (corn tortilla mix) in it for exfoliation? Do you think that's what it means or just cornmeal? Sounded cool, I know alot of people who would probally like a soap like this.

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yep I add cornmeal to my gardeners bar.. cornmeal, poppyseeds, and ground orange peel. Cornmeal is a more gentle, but still too rough for some people, form of exfoliation in soap. coffee and poppyseeds are slightly rougher.

Thanks Kristen! I found a recipe, and they said to grind it, to a fine powder, to avoid it irritating some people's skin. The name "tortilla" caught my attention, my mind is racing with names now! lol

This is so fun!

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