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1st chunck pillar

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Well my daughter is getting married in 2 weeks, so I haven't been on the forum or making too many candles lately.

I thought since I am getting the regular starburst pillars down pretty good I would try a chunck pillar. Wellll not so good:laugh2:I made my chuncks out of deep purple and used CS lavender vanilla as the FO. Then I made my over pour with no color but with the same FO. The candles came out crappy for my 1st try, but one thing, after curing for a week the overpour (which was white) turned yellow, was that because of the FO?:confused: and what could I do to keep it white? I would like to try again but not sure what I did wrong. Can anyone help? I don't have to make the chuncky's but would like to try again.

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I'm probably not going to be of much help because I used feather palm for my chunk pillars. I never did have any turn yellow, but the color of the chunks will bleed some into the uncolored part of the candle, which I think looks very pretty. I'm thinking they could be turning yellow because of the FO. Maybe someone who has used the starburst to make them will chime in here.

Much luck with them!


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