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Where do you get your lotion bottles?

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I had gotten an amazing deal on eBay, well over a year ago- of course, I cannot find the guy and now I'm about out.

I usually use white or frosted, and I thing they're a cosmo (kinda tall w/rounded shoulders) I also use black disc caps on them, which I am somehow totally out of.

Not looking for 100's of them....lol

I use 4oz and 8oz, and occasionally 16oz w/a pump.

Just wondering where everyone finds the best deals.

Thanx for ur replies.

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Nature's Garden has pretty good prices on their bottles. And, they sell them in 10-packs, which is good for those of us that need small orders. The 4oz Cosmo's are $2.90 for 10 and $1.00 for 10 of the black disk lids. They do have a nice selection of bottles and jars.

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I get mine too from Nature's Garden and some from The Chemistry Store. I can't order in bulk and these places let me order in smaller quantities. One day when I can put down a chunk of change, I'm going to order a butt load instead of 20 here and 20 there type of thing.

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