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Market or Show reports for this week.

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Anyone have a report for this week? I do! In fact 2 of them, one Saturday and one for Sunday.

I had the 2nd week of my Farmers Market and it was better than last week. It was HOTTTTT!!! 99 and full humidity. I did better than last week and quite a few repeat customers from last week. That's what I am looking for. I really want to draw them into my shop about a mile away. Hook them at the market it and reel them into the shop during off times.

Best sellers this week. Chocolate soap, Peaches and Pomegranate, yogurt and mens soaps. My herbal balm sold quite well. This week we had a violinist playing right next to me but I was to busy with customers to fall asleep otherwise I would have.

There was a new vendor there this week. She had homemade loose teas. OMG I was in tea heaven. I got a lavender earl gray which made the best Iced tea I have ever had. And a strawberry Daiquiri black tea which I have yet to try.

Sunday I did a Antique car show with a flea market. My SO does them with his junk and car parts, I set up my soap. I always do great at these, the other vendors booths smell like oil, fuel, or grease. We make the men feel guilty for leaving their wives home and they need to bring her home a gift or we tell them their SO's are tired of them stinking like cars and they need to clean up their act. I works every time. My SO is great at doing this. LOL. It was very hot, packed up just in time, As we drove away it started to pour. Music was great all 50's style with a great DJ! Sold lots of Mechanic Soap, Mens scents, and florals.

Hope you had a great Market or show this week!

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I actually have one to report this week. It was pouring when I woke up and almost decided not to go, but I wanted to get at least some of my booth fee back, so headed on out. I was soaked by the time I got all set up, but thankfully the people running the show let us set up our tents before we unloaded our cars. About of 1/3 of the booths never showed and about 3/4 that did show, left before the show was half over. The rain stopped and sun came out about an hour into the show, so it ended up being hot, muggy and windy!!! Not a lot of people showed up, but I still made my booth plus some. I also met some great vendors and customers, so I am overall happy I decided to go.

My biggest sellers were actually edibles and as usual florals in my soaps, with my soaps being the biggest sellers. I only sold one of my wax melts. They are not really taking off yet, but I think it is because I only have 8 scents in them.

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