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Regarding craft fairs in the Midwest


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Im hoping to do my first craft fair this winter. I live in the midwest, near the illinois and indiana border. Im still trying to think of what theme I want for my candles. I have it narrowed down between retro and modern with fun colors or prim uncolored.

For those of you familiar with this part of the midwest, can you tell me what you think would go over better?

Thanks all.


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Have you tried going to local shops, craft shows, and farmers markets to check out whats selling? I started out doing more upscale candles but found out that people in my area want country and prim. I got this info by checking out local venues.

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Every show is different, every customer is different. Until you establish a customer base, it's impossible to know what will sell. Even then, it's a crap shoot.

I used to sell primarily types. These days, I can't give them away. I think it's the economy and people wanting earthier, homier scents.

But who knows? If I knew, I'd be rich!

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You have to do marketing research. See what sells in you area, and if you want to be one of the masses do what you see the most of. If you want to be different and individualized do that. There is no hard & fast rules, it's just a candle. People at the craft fairs, etc (in my area at least), just want nice smelling, nice looking candles.

Realize one thing first, you will not satisfy every person. You do ONE show I can guarantee someone will ask you for a scent you don't have. Don't let it discourage you and think that you have to go out and buy that scent, etc.

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