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Scented Soy Dots


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Sorry if this has been discussed, searched couldn't find anything.....

Really curious about these, saw them on a website and am wondering basically, how to make them.... does fragrance oil soak into the soy wax beads like it does the aroma beads? I think these would be a really cool option for the melters...

Thanks for any direction that can be offered :smiley2:


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I just ordered some soy wax in the 'pastille' form.... I guess I'm thinking bead shape... not a flat dot. Huh, maybe I'm way off in left field! Wouldn't be the first time... I find myself thinking these can't be as easy as the aroma beads - - ???

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I've been following this thread and just wanted to thank you FarmerJill for the link!

You're welcome! I'm on their website a lot and have just recently been wondering how well these things would work. I have a hard time believing that they wouldn't get gummy and just dry together in a clump so I'd love to hear feedback if somebody tries it.

But if they do work and end up pourable, that could be pretty cool. I could see packaging them in anything from a cello bag to a jar like mason or apothecary.

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