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Question about double wicking a....

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16 oz. apothecary jar. I use a 85/15% 464/6006 blend. I'm going to be using a patchouli FO (Patchouli Spice from Cierra). In the past I've dbl wicked with two ECO 10's only to have them drown out 1/2 way down with a similar patchouli FO. I'm using CD wicks now and would appreciate a suggestion on what size to start with. Thank you all in advance! :smiley2:

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I'd probably start with 2 of the CD 12's. I usually use 12's & 14's, but that's with 435.

That large? I guess I don't know how the 435 compares to the 464 but based on how well the 12's burn in slightly smaller jars (3.5" to 3") for me that seems large. I went ahead and tried 2 CD 7's (mainly because I had some of those that I couldn't use in other jars) so as soon as the candle has has a bit more cure time I'll know if that worked or not. Thank you for answering though, my board search gave me answers all over the map! :cheesy2:

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