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Review of Way System 1581 Credit Card Terminal

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Well I finally upgraded from the knucklebuster and Touch Pay!!! LOL

I have been wanting to for quite awhile now.

So...I ended up with the way system 1581 and LOVE it.

It was inexpensive, & gives me CC approval immediately. The 1581 prints out receipts for the customers, and a batch receipt at days end for me. I can even do cash receipts!!

My CC rates are lower too. The only extra fee I do have to pay is a $15.00 a month wireless fee, but with the lower rates I now get, it offsets the $15.00 and I am actually saving $$ each month.


If you are interested - Here are a few companies that may be of interest to you: Rates are low at thompson, but they will not always get back to you via email quickly,and you can never get them on the phone and have to leave a message for them to call you back. YOU can use their Live Chat which is a quick way to talk with them. But their rates and fee's seem to be pretty resonable.


If you have a merchant account already with good rates and just want to get the terminal, I found this place while searching for mine.



This terminal ranges from $199- $500 with printer. So don't pay more than $199 for it!!

Hope this helps some of you who are looking to move from the knucklebuster to a more up to date system.

The 1581 really is a wonderful little machine and very easy to use!!!

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I agree wireless is the way to go I went with the Nurit machine almost 2 years ago and I have no regrets.

I would loose money on 1 to 4 transactions a year do to bad credit cards. I have not had a problem since I love the real time tranactions.

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Got an email about Thompson Merchant having a sale on terminals. Thought that maybe those who are interested may want to check it out.


Thompson Merchant Services - Way Systems MTT Wireless Swipe Terminal - Only $140! While supplies last.

(I think it is the 1581 - You may want to ask them)

Thompson Merchant Services is pleased to announce our special pricing on the Way Systems MTT Terminal/Printer Combination. Due to a special rate being offered direct from the manufacturer we are able to offer a brand new Way Systems MTT Terminal and Printer combination for only $140! This is the lowest offer found on the web for this brand new wireless terminal and printer.

The pricing for this account is as follows:

- Terminal: $140 Email Special! While supplies last (Much lower than the $400 sell price being offered all over the web.)

- No Application Fee or Setup Fee

- Discount Rate: 1.69%

- Per Transaction: $0.28 cents total (includes wireless fee)

- Monthly Statement Fee: $7.99

- Wireless Access Monthly: $15 (for the true "wireless" processing access with your machine).

- Seasonal Shutdown - Yes. This option also supports Seasonal Shutdown: great for merchants that are seasonal or only use the show at events!

To see how this wireless swipe terminal and printer works you may visit:


Refer a friend:

Forward this email to a friend or business colleague and they will also qualify for this special price of $140 for this brand new wireless terminal and printer combination.

Feel free to ask any questions by responding to this email or sending a direct message to info@thompsonmerchant.com or by calling 800-298-9656 or 912-925-4880


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I pay all the fee's to the Merchant. It is deducted monthly right out of my checkbook.

But the fee's are minimal and being able to process Credit Cards as a form of payment will definitely increase your sales. Some people will buy more if they can charge it.

Much better to pay a small fee than have checks bounce!! :cheesy2:

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Do you charge the customer a fee if they use credit?

It is against most merchant agreements for you to directly pass the processing fees on to your customer....those are fees that should be built into the cost of your product.

It is also against most merchant agreements to set minimum purchase requirements in order for consumers to be able to use their credit card/debit card, just so you know. They want a level playing ground between cash, checks, and plastic :-).

If you are a start-up/small business, your best bet is just about always going to be Propay.com. No monthly fees....just pay your annual fee and then processing fees. They do allow you to call their automated system and process cards instantly, as well.

And, still yet, if you already have an iPhone and don't want to spend the extra cash for processing equipment, their are lots of low cost Apps that allow you to instantly charge credit cards and email receipts to your customers.

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I like the look of this system but, I am just starting out... I just don't know if I can justify spending $200.00 just yet... I have found a touch pay, is this something that works well??? This is one I looked @


Thank You,


Touch Pay is what I used for years. Works great for a minimal amount of CC processing and is inexpensive. You can run the card right a craft shows if you want, or knuckle buster it and then run them when you get home. (But then you are always taking the risk of it not going thru since you are getting approval AFTER the sale.)

Personally, I really like the Way System much better. It is quicker then typing in the info with touch pay when taking cards at shows. Slide, aprroval, reciept!! LOVE IT.

HEY SS - The Iphone thing sounds cool too - But I am not that updated yet and don't own one!! LOL..

I am sure my oldest who is working now will be saving to get one. So when he does, I will be checking out the apps!! THANKS.

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HEY SS - The Iphone thing sounds cool too - But I am not that updated yet and don't own one!! LOL..

I am sure my oldest who is working now will be saving to get one. So when he does, I will be checking out the apps!! THANKS.

It is really neat. The app that I have even allows you to turn the phone sideways and hand it to your customer for their signature. They then click accept and hand the phone back to you. You click charge and it instantly tells you if it was approved or declined. Would be great for shows or someone who did lots of wholesale deliveries.

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I'm using CC Terminal. Not sure what the price is now but I only payed a couple dollars for it.

It is setup to work with Authorize.net, Beanstream, Paypal Website Payments Pro, and Plug n' Pay (<-- never heard of those guys).

The actual rates from your merchants will depend on your processing volume, etc.

Another solution that should be available soon is Square (https://squareup.com). Their whole platform is built around mobile commerce. They currently aren't accepting new accounts but when they start again, they'd probably be your best bet. They send you a device you plug into the headphone port of your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch and you can swipe cards. Best of all, their services and the hardware are completely free (except for the processing fees, of course.) While I don't have an account with them, I do have the application for both my iPhone and my iPad and it is really nice. You can even use their system to process transactions for cash and your customers will still receive the receipt.

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