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refine vs unrefined butters


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I only use natural cocoa butter because I love the scent and I coordinate this chocolate aroma with my products.

However, I only use refined shea butter. I have always disliked the smokey smell and find it hard to conceal. While unrefined is wonderful, I had too many issues with tiny bugs being in it. I have bought unrefined shea from several places. I guess I have had bad luck or all unrefined shea has tiny buggers in it. I do not want to be bothered with straining either.

I think that everyone has their prefererence and there are good reasons behind it.

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I buy the unrefined because I want the natural benefits that the shea & cocoa butter have. Refined is when they strip the product of all of it's wonderful qualities and aroma.:sad2:

It is important to buy your butters at a reputable dealer since all butters are a little different and handled differently.

I have been buying mine from WSP and have not seen any bugs.

I also have been told that some sheas bother one of my client's skin when used on her face and this unrefined shea did not.

Some people do not like the smell, but it is a natural smell. If they don't like it then I make them a butter with more mango butter instead and then you can't smell the shea as much but still get some benefits.

I LOVE body butter! I don't have any need for lotion anymore since I have been using body buttter. I just Love it!:cheesy2:

Soy chic

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