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Anyone have a Market/ Craft Show Report?

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I thought I would start this again as I love to know how others did and what they had sold. Vicky said I could use her suggestions for it.


What sold?

What was your best seller?

Scents that are selling?

What did not sell?


Funny Stories?

Any entertainment?

Other vendors, kind of crowd?

Tell us about your market. Let hear how the season is going.

Good Luck to everyone that has a market or show this week

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My Farmers Market Started this week. It was hot....95 and lots of humidity. The crowd was great, I did 20 times the fee in 3 hours. I sold out of a few Oatmeal, Goats Milk & Honey, Bay Rum, Lemon Poppy and Cilantro Pineapple (which was a surprise). Jewelweed soap & Clay Masks sold well also, Of course the Cooling Scarves were a big seller. I thought the watermelon, and floral soaps would sell better than they did. This was definitely a "fruity" crowd.

There are about 40 vendors, lots of produce, Fish, breads, jellies, fresh cut flowers. It's nice as they do barter so I came home with lots of goodies.

Hope you had a great market this week!

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I wasn't at our show, but I heard it was very humid and soaps sold pretty well for us. Can't say much about the crowd, but apparently there some buying and some just looking and others looking for something that wasn't there, but it was just too hot to have candles out.

Top scents appear to have been patch tree, lavender, lilac, brv, but I think there were others in competition for the top spots.

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I'm gonna chime in on the market reports....I always enjoy reading them.....

I'm in the same boat as you two...hot and humid, but overall the market was busy and people were buying.

Jewelweed soap and lotion sticks sold well

I've been doing a sent of the week, then having it 10% off(the 10% off does not apply in the 2/fer's)

This seems to have drawn more customers over to look, and they sell well. In the heat I only take candles in the scent of the week, and I'm surprised...but they sell.

Citrus scents still are my strongest sellers......

Since it's so humid lotions have been slow

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I did a craft show this past Saturday that traditionally is a big money maker for me each year. This year the crowd tended to be lookers but I still got some soap and candle sales.

Then it started raining real hard and the wind was blowing so badly all I could do was hang on to my tent so it didn't blow away. Everything was soaked so I ended up leaving early. I was disappointed cause the crowd picked up after the thunderstorm passed so I missed those sales I could have had.

When I got home I had to launder all my tablecloths and check out my stuff to assess the damage.

I was lucky I changed my packaging, labels, and containers this year because it ended up protecting my products. I started shrink wrapping my soap cigar labels and packing individual soaps by scent in those 5 quart sterlite containers. So when I pack up I just pop the lid on. Having the shrink wrap and the soaps in the containers allowed me to keep them from being water damaged during the storm. I also switched back to white gloss labels from the kraft for my candles. The white gloss labels are fairly water resistent so no labels were damaged. If I had the kraft labels on my candles they would all been damaged and need to be replaced.

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Thank you LovelyLathers for picking this up for me.

I had a really good Saturday Market the music was the best I wear I danced most of the market. Nothing like dancing in your own booth it does make people smile and confirm you are slightly odd. LOL

It did get hot quick.

What sold was mostly candles in Earthly scents a few fruity and no florals.

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I did a local farmers market. It was a bit slower than usual because of the heat/humidity but we still did ok. Because of the heat I only brought about 1/2 what I would usually bring to try to keep everything out of the direct sun. I sold out of candle tins in herbal scents. We also had good sales in kid's soaps and chunky glycerin soaps. I also sold quite a few tealight gift sets that I had done with flip flop tealight holders that I had picked up locally and paired with 4 tealights in summery/fruity scents.

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Sounds like everyone had the same weather I did. CandyBee sorry it rained on you. Glad you had no damage. I like your idea of the sterlite boxes. I use some plastic shoe boxes but the are a little big and I take my soaps out of them and put them on raisers.

I'm glad candles are selling, I wish we had a candle maker at ours!

Vicky, I wish they had music at my market that we could dance to. We had a young girl playing the flute, She was obviously just learning to play.

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