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Your favorite of these please AND how much CO/lb wax do you use?

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Which do you like best--6006, J-50, J-223? I used the 6006 years ago when it was DC 5766, but switched to the J-50 when I got some bad batches. I make my own paraffin/soy blend using the J-50, straight paraffin and soy.

I'm also considering the new Xcel--what are your thoughts on soy--GB, Xcel, Ky125?

Right now I use the Ky125 with J-50 and straight paraffin, but I just know I can get a better throw with a different combination. I've tested over 350 different scents (7 different suppliers) this summer and the majority were not strong enough at 1.2oz/lb wax, so I know it must be the combination I'm using.

Also, I've seen many posts about using coconut oil--how much do you recommend per pound of wax?

Any thoughts? I feel like I'm starting all over.:undecided

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I use a 50/50 blend of CB135 and J223. I will use J50 if my supplier is out of the J223. I think the J223 has an edge as far as great scent throw goes but may need a repour where the J50 is a one pour. When making larger candles (16 oz or larger) with this parasoy combo I find I sometimes get sink holes near the top around the wick so I always poke the tops to check and do a repour or heat gun to make sure.

I've tried adding CO to my soy candle making and didn't find any advantages at all. I also tried adding crisco to my parrafin candle making and also didn't find any advantages in its use. Each wax has it's own 'fad' additive and I've tried them and found that the best candles are made without putting in unnecessary additives.

With this combo I use 1 oz FO per lb and heat to 185 and pour around 150.

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Thanks Candybee! Where is the CB135 from? Is that the container blend from Candlewic? I may have some of that around here somewhere. I don't mind repours--I already do them anyway, so that's not a worry. Do you mind if I ask what type of wicks you use? Currently, I'm using zincs, but am considering re-testing the CD wicks. Just a thought. . . . . :confused:

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