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I made my first batch of CP today!!!


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I was so excited to finally make my first batch of CP soap! Of course, things weren't exactly perfect. Here was my original recipe:

12.25oz avocado oil

3.08oz castor oil

18.52oz coconut oil

4.9oz olive oil

9.25oz shea butter

I had everything lined up and ready to go with my mold lined and set.

I measured the lye and water, mixed and set aside to cool. Then I measured the coconut oil and shea butter and started melting them. I moved on to the oils and measured all but the avocado and realized I was short on the avocado. Everything had already been measured and put together, so I couldn't just stop. So I went to the soap calc and did a quick change to my recipe to see if Sweet Almond Oil would work. It didn't change the amount of lye, so I went ahead and used all of the avocado that I had and the rest in sao.

This is the altered part of the recipe:

5oz sao

7.25 oz avocado

I used my stick blender and mixed until I had what I thought was a light trace. I then took out a little bit of the soap (I was going to try to swirl - probably too many things for my first time!) and mixed in some mica.

I then added Cinnamon Caramel Latte FO at 1oz per pound to the large container of soap batter. It seemed to really thicken up, so I knew I had to get it in my mold.

I poured the large batter (it turned a dark orange) and then basically had to glop the smaller amount on top. I did try to swirl it a bit, but I'm not sure how well that worked.

I had already preheated my oven to 170 so I popped the mold in there and left it for about an hour and a half, then turned it off. I left the soap in there and it will stay there overnight.

It smells great and the orange is now dark brown (which is great for this scent!), but there seem to be tiny bubbles on the top of the soap. I'm not sure what those could be. Any ideas?

Also, do you think the recipe will be ok with the change? This is the info from soapcalc

Hardness29 - 5445Cleansing12 - 2226Conditioning44 - 6949Bubbly14 - 4632Creamy16 - 4825Iodine41 - 7053INS136 - 165164Lauric19Myristic7Palmitic10Stearic9Ricinoleic6Oleic36Linoleic7Linolenic0

I'm sorry for the long post, but I figured that if I did something wrong giving the whole story now could maybe help someone figure it out.

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I opened the stove and took a quick picture of the bubbles.

This picture is taken only a couple of inches from the soap, so they aren't as big as they seem, but definitely noticeable.

I just realized that this was the extra soap I had left over and it wasn't covered like my other mold. I wonder if that is the reason as I don't see it on the soap in the loaf mold.

ETA: I had a picture, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'll have to figure out how to get the picture on here.

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Trying to add the pictures again! Let's see if I can get it to work!

The first is a picture of some of the top from a distance and the second is a close-up of the bubbles.

It still smells great - but the bubbles make it look a little odd. Any ideas on what causes them?



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Thanks Kitn! I have already made my second batch. This time I used the tutorial for OHP. I think it turned out great, but my husband said it looks like puke - uh oh!

I used a different recipe this time because I wanted to see the difference.

I will take some pictures of everything once it is cut tomorrow.

This really is addicting. I love making all of the different bath & body products!

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Does anyone know if these bubbles happened because it got too hot or not hot enough? I'd like to make another batch of this soap because it smells amazing, but I'd rather not get the bubbles again. I'm not sure if I should do something different when I place it in the oven.

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Thanks for the reply!

I actually just tried my first batch of straight CP today. It is wrapped in a blanket. Hopefully, it works.

As for the other 2 batches of CPOP, they have both turn out fantastic other than the bubbles. Maybe someday I'll get to the bottom of it! :confused:

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