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A good "football" scent?


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I have been asked to come up with a football scent for the upcoming college football season. Does anyone have a good recommendation?

I thought about leather mixed with...something. It would have to be unisex, fallish, maybe a little spice. I use 415.

I am actually kind of stumped on this one. TIA

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I went to high school in Alabama and unfortunately all I can remember is the overwhelming smell of boiled peanuts....

How about popcorn or burning leaves or wood?

With the leather fo maybe something citrus and some patchouli?

Someone mentioned pipe tobacco. I guess their Grandfather used to smoke a pipe while he watched the game.

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Well, my first thought when I read your post was something to evoke the smell of what I've always called "football weather". It's the smell in the air during the fall that always says "football" to me. I've run into other people over the years that call it the same thing, something about a smell of fall that makes you think about being outside at a game on a Saturday afternoon. So my recommendation would be BCN Autumn Leaves (a BNL scent). If you're up for it, you could try adding a small touch (VERY small, it's pretty powerful) of BCN's Campfire Smoke. I think this makes it smell like a bonfire night at an evening football game. Just a thought! :cheesy2:

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