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most popular scent for b&b?


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I am switching to all natural fragrances for my bath and body products. this includes lotion, balms, foot scrubs and other stuff. Below is the list of what's available so far to me. Which ones do you think would be most popular? I picked these few becuase they're available from a local supplier that I can pickup from. Appreciate any advice:)

Vanilla Mint


Pink Grapefruit




Ylang Ylang

Summer Honey

Bananas & cream

Honey Almond



Honeydew Melon


Maraschino Cherry

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Define all natural because I'm not sure how banana's and cream is all natural ... guess I'm specifically thinking EOs and don't recall running into that or maraschino etc., lemonade is possible I guess if mixed, but wasn't sure about cucumber either.

So guess I just need a definition of what's natural.

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well, WSP has a new section of 'all natural' fragrances. I was thinking this was the way to go in my line. Of course, some of them are EO's, as I like those better anyway....

Any suggestions on any other supplier that has all natural fragrances? I had never found one before.

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I think what Scented was getting at is that FOs are synthetic blends.

I don't know of any EO or extract such as bananas and cream, lemonade, dreamsickle, honey almond, etc.

You will be closer to 'natural' by using EOs and/or Extracts made only from all natural ingredients. If you want natural this is key.

I love using EOs and extracts in soapmaking. But it can get expensive and unless you have a knack for mixing to get a blended scent, as in blends mentioned above, you will have to do a lot of experimenting and that can also be expensive but rewarding.

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