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5 day show help

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Just found out i was accepted into a 5 day show at a county fair any tips on how to decide the amount to get ready i make container candles, votive's, tarts, and aroma bears. Thanks for any help

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That's a very good question.

How big of a booth space are you going to have?

Are you going to have display shelves?

I would recommend you have several of each fragrance and size..

Put out a special promo for a certain fragrance.. like buy 2 get the 3rd half off.. or Today Only 20% off all Candles..

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My experience with shows that are not "craft shows" is that everybody shows up to get some food and walk around looking at everything. I kept my candles in coolers with blue ice so they wouldn't wilt from the heat and kept a couple of each out for people to sniff. Everybody said, "Oh wow I love these" and then kept eating their corn dogs and walked on to the next booth. make sure you have an electrical outlet for fans and or other things you might need to run in your booth. Good luck and stay cool.


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I've never done the county fair shows. I was always skeptical that they were good venues to sell my candles and soap. I find event shows don't do as well as craft shows cause the people tend to go to the show for the event.

I've heard some county fairs do well but not in my area. You'll have to tell us how it went.

Can't help you with how much to bring. I would take enough with me for a 2 day show but have enough back up products at home to bring if I sell a lot. Then I can always bring in the backup if needed. I just don't think I would take 5 days of product with me until I see how much is selling. These shows can be brutal on your products with the heat, humidity, and dust.

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