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Presto Pots

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Ok....I am sorry if this sounds totally stupid but I do not get how the presto pots work! I know they melt the wax A LOT faster but how do you get the wax into the containers! I know you can buy spigots and install them. But I have read on here where some of you do not add dyes or FO while in the pots. So what do you do? Do you just add the spigot and then drain the wax into your pouring pot and then add the dye and FO while it's still hot?

Sorry if I sound dumb but *remember* I am new! :P

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I have a spigot on my presto and so take out what I need and put in pour pot and add color & oil. I keep a small piece of hose (panty) tied around spigot to filter out trash etc. If a large order and it is going to take about 8 lbs, which is what mine holds, then I just color and scent in presto. hth

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We have a spigot on our presto pot, we mix just the wax and any additives (like UV inhibitor and vybar or stearic) in the presto pot.

We pour into a pouring pot (standard almuminum one with handle) which sits on a scale so we can measure by weight as we add the fragrance and coloring.

The presto pot gets left on on low, and it keeps the wax around 180 degrees so when we add the fragrance and coloring we just stir immediately, let it cool in the pouring pot to 145 and pour into preheated and cleaned containers.

Chris and Lisa

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