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It never ceases to amaze me...

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Ever since the price of shipping started to get ridiculous, customers have been trying to nickel and dime me to death over it! I only sell on the internet, so I get it all the time.

Well, last night a lady contacted me about pool candles for a graduation party this Saturday!:shocked2: Because of the shipping thing, I almost said no, but provided her with a quote with express shipping. It's a decent sized order(3 figures), but express shipping turned out to be 1/3 the cost of the order! Didn't bother her in the least. She went ahead with the order so now I'm frantically trying to get these things done.

Refreshing that I didn't have to fight or lose the order over the shipping. In fact, she said it didn't bother her!:yay: Amazing... Hope she's a customer for a long time.

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Especially since her shipping bill is far more than $50.00!:shocked2: Most inquiries lately have come from people that remember when flat rate shipping was $8.70! I've been directing them to the usps site with the weight it would be and my zip, so they can plug in the figures and see that I'm not trying to scam them. :tiptoe:

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Yeah its frustrating... it costs $.15c-$.25c for a box, if you arent or cant use flat rate... if someone orders three or more bars of soap, a flat rate envelope makes sense.. but to ship only one in a small envelope was 2.30 the other day. ONE bar of soap used to cost me 1.85 to ship.. so I never updated my shipping on my website. To the customer that might not be alot but if I am losing .50c on each bar of soap, thats a big deal. I wasnt too upset because it was for a good cause (I donated half a loaf of soap to the help the gulf coast etsy shop and they couldnt charge shipping) but wow.. 2.30 per bar of soap! I ended up donating a bit more than soap, there. lol

For candles its worse! $6.85 to send a candle to my sister yesterday... and that was only going up the coast, not across the country. Add in a box, the labels, and going to the PO and it costs more than that. And flat rates only make sense if they work.. which 99% of the time for me they dont. The envelopes are all that works for soap, the box (small) will only fit two bars... the medium is TOO big.. so it will fit like 6 candles, but I dont have anyone who orders that many at once, most of my candles sell one at a time or they come buy them at shows.

I wish they would add another FRB that was around $6-7 and was 4x6x6 or soemthing... a bit smaller, but large enough to hold one or two candles and a bar of soap. The medium is a waste IMO most of the time.

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