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Replacing Tennessee Candle Supplies Bamboo Teak??


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I went to re-order another bottle of Bamboo Teak from TCS and I've noticed that they've been out of this fragrance for over a month, or more. :( They've took it off their website.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a replacement of this fo? I ordered some from WSP, but it is nothing like TCS.

Thank you!!

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That really sucks because this has been one of my Summertime favorites. I just don't go through it fast enough to have needed to buy any lately, and I guess now I won't be. :sad2:

I never really got why it had the word 'teak' in the name, though, as I only smelled green bamboo. I just didn't get anything woodsy enough out of it to think it was anything other than bamboo.

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