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How do you price your accessories

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I can't find anything in the search, so sorry if this is actually posted somewhere.

I was wondering how you determine what price to sell the accessories for your products, like candle warmers, soap dishes and stuff like that. (so stuff you don't make, but are used with your product)

Thanks in advance.

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Standard retail mark up is 2 times cost, in most cases that work. Make sure you add in your shipping charges to product before you do the times 2. In rare cases you can do a mark up 3 to 4 times but that is rare. Some times you can olny mark up 1.5 times and still be in fair marked value. It really is all about fair market value in your selling area.

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I think a lot of how to mark up depends upon your locale and the clientle.

I personally try and mark up x2 but I also usually take into consideration the economic climate in my town. I have been told my prices are too low.. but I am making money and I like the fact that most people can afford to come into my store and buy something.

I had a lady tell me the other day that my store allows her to come in weekly and get something new and that being a single mom she appreciates being able to have a luxury for herself.

I want to make money and also provide happiness to others..I am a bit of a Pollyanna I guess.

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