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Weeping rose candles

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Hiya peoples,

A friend of mine is after making some Weeping Rose pillar candles. The ones that are black on the outside but a deep red on the inside. They are wicked to 'bust out' and overflow so that the red wax makes it look like the candle is bleeding - I think its a gothic thing lol.

Does anyone have any experience of making these? Any advice you could give me to pass on would be fab.



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I had not heard of these until seeing this so I of course had to look them up. They are cool looking :) I kinda like that gothic look. I have no idea how to go about making one

but would be curious if anyone else has tried them. I'm lost as to how you would wick it to get it close to the edge of the candle.

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I had to look them up also. Most likely is it is a red candle over dipped with black. The candle pic I found of these really look like they have been dipped. As far as wicking I would say the drilled new holes in the mold to get them closer to the edge.

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