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A Day at the Market 1st week of June

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Tell us about your days at your markets.


What sold?

What was your best seller?

Scents that are selling?

What did not sell?


Funny Stories?

Any entertainment?

Other vendors, kind of crowd?

Tell us about your market. Let hear how the season is going.

I am going to try to repost this weekly so it is always fresh.

Good Luck to everyone that has a market or show this week.

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My next market is this Saturday. This past Memorial Day weekend I did a Craft Show that wasn't so hot... that is sales wise. Weather wise it was hot and humid.

I sold a lot of OMH, lemon sugar scrub, and honeysuckle jasmine soaps and for candles; Sex on the Beach, Coconut Lime, Honeysuckle Jasmine, and Hawaiian Breeze sold well. All from CS.

Nothing unusual happened except it was so slow I ate like a pig all day; hamburger, 2 corndogs, 2 sodas, large mango slushy, potato chips. Felt bloated when I went home but stopped off at Mickey D's for mcnuggets and quarter pounder and large dr. pepper.:laugh2:

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Oh what a wonderful idea Vicky_CO :)

Oh where to start, where to start :) Well we do a booth at our local flea market and have for about 2 months not (well exactly 7 weeks) but this weekend is out 2 month anniversary :) YAY!!! Started out with a 10 x 10 space (its indoor btw) and 2 weeks ago expanded to a 10 x 20 :) So things have been well for us :) We are makers of candles and also do hand painted glassware :) So lets see if we can answer all the questions here :

What sold and best sellers: As usual, our Bite Me, Butt Naked, Clean Office, Lilac, Corienne's Strawberry Buttercream, lots of summer / spring scents (we carry about 132 scents) and then we sold alot of warmers and glassware too :) For a holiday weekend and with a very much larger market only a few miles away (biggest shopping day there is Memorial Day) we fair'd very well :)

What did NOT sell: Bakery and Food scents this week. It's so weird how that will change week to week :)

Weather: Was a beautiful weekend in Ohio, hot and humid but did rain out some at the other market on Monday (hehe)

Funny Stories: I won't even begin this one :) We could make a forum just for this :) (hint, hint)

Other vendors, etc: Our market is your typical flea market... alot of junk and old things, we are one of 2 hand crafters in the entire place of about 70 vendors. One couple does wood working and the other sews. There have been 2 soap makers come and go with no luck at this market, but were going to venture down that line soon and see how that goes :)

So think this is enough for this week :) Thanks again to Vicky_CO for this thread and can't wait to hear everyone's stories :)

Rob and Troy

Ecco Lights


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I lucked out got a corner booth,so traffic has to pass by me twice.candle tarts,sell like crazy!In clean scents-clean cotton-country clothes line-sun and sand-any kind of drink scents-whiskey river-kentucky bourbon and etc.Only 5 candles sold!My chunkie tarts in jars is a sell out in any scent.toilet paper wax potpouri is a big seller.Since mid of april I have sold 1000 tarts,not counting the jars and clam shells and other goodies I make.Floating candles are a hit!I can't make enough and in any scent and assorted sizes.I am 1 of 5 candle people there at the farmers type market or flea market.:yay:

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You really dont know what to expect from one market to the next. The last market we did, a lady bought every tart we had in red. Dont think she cared what scent it was, as long as it was red!

We had a stall set up next door to us that sold all sorts of sweet loafs. They had little cube's of each variety cut up for testers {banana, choc chip, date, raisin etc.} When she sold out of each variety, she ask us if we wanted the bags of testers that she hadnt opened. My freezer is half full of cut up cake. Ive made trifles, slices, puddings, you name it! I hate seeing food go to waste!

Anyone got any recipes for left over cake??

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It was a few weeks ago..

What sold? Candles, Body Butter, Bath Bombs, Lip Scrubs were the best sellers

What was your best seller? Candles

Scents that are selling? Plumeria, Lavender, Gardenia, florals as always.

What did not sell? Ocean Breeze, Clean Cotton, Buttercream, Bakery scents. Scrubs, not much interest.

Weather? It was inside, yay.

Funny Stories? A grandma who told her granddaughter that my body butter was real butter and she shrieked *EWWWWW!!!* kinda hilarious.

Any entertainment? A very pathetic band. Sad.

Other vendors, kind of crowd? Crowd was good, sales were *OK* but not my best. No other vendors that really competed.. there was a mineral makeup vendor who had some glycerin soaps but she didnt sell any, and another vendor who had some room spray and liquid soap in her display but she also didnt sell any. It was nice to be somewhere where there was no competition for my particular booth!

Tell us about your market. Let hear how the season is going. This was what they call "boutiques" locally, where there is a central checkout and you dont have to be there (but I was, to answer Q's) and they take 15%, but its in a great location and AMAZINGLY well promoted. Overall, it was worth it and I think I will do it again.

Farmers market season hasnt started yet.

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I had a business expo today sales sucked, wind blew like crazy and when it was calm it was hotter than hades. But I did have fun a lot of great new local business have started up which is a very good thing. I was running two booths mine and our local farmer market booth a lot of new people in town did not even realize we have a farmers market. I met a lot of new people so all in all it was a good day.

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Our brand new Public Market (indoor) is set to open Sat june 5th. I am the only candle and soap person there. Our market will be open 6 days a week 10-7pm...So i will report how we did on Sunday...I am nervous and excited!!

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I just don't do well in the bath and body items in my area.I do sell some soaps but no much else sells,another vendor makes bath and body too and says the same thing.My dichronic fused glass jewelry sales are poor too,they say i am to expensive ,I tested one day and put 10.00 on a pendant and could not sell it,everyone said (oh how beautiful)walked on? So I don't offer them for sale now.

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