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Mosaic tart burner


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Hi everyone, I am definitely new to this forum :)

I am an avid mosaic-er/candle lover...:laugh2: and for my next endeavor I would love to make my own custom mosaic tea light tart warmer...the only problem is I have looked and looked for a clear glass tart warmer to use as my base, the ones with a vase shape and hole in the side. I noticed that many companies have mosaic TW's like the ones I am interested in creating but no insight as to where they get their base glass...I hope someone can help me or at least point me in the right direction...

Thanks :D

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Will this work? It's at TartBurners.com

I saw that one...the only thing is I would ideally like a clear glass one, and the design of those tart burners seem kind of squatty :D

I'm hoping to fine a place that has them in either wholesale or bulk for cheap so I can buy a bunch and mosaic them for friends and family...

Thanks though!

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^^ that is what I am looking for, except this one is etched. I'm looking for a non-etched one. This one is made by Yankee Candle I believe.

Somewhere in China, no doubt... Candle makers are on the low end of the totem pole when it comes to information. Even friend who go into the supplier business keep every thing a secret. Jackel use to have the the clear mosaic warmers but I see now they are all painted. But the cost is only 6.00 each with a minimal amount of order.


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