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Mixing Candlesource Container & KY Para/soy


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I am still very new at making tarts and have spent countless hours reading all the posts about the various waxes & blends that everyone uses and I am trying to come up with something that will have a great hot throw. The cold throw is not as important to me at this point.

Right now in my stock I have the Candlesource Container Wax, the KY Parasoy Tart/Votive blend and some EZ-SOY.

Would a 50/50 blend of the candlesource & the KY make sense? I am trying to understand the hows & whys of using the different types of waxes (soy vs paraffin vs container vs pillar and so on), so please let me know if this combo is a bad idea. You guys are all great and so very helpful, so any input would be much appreciated.


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