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A stupid question about colorants


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Hi all, I don't make BB products, I just make some bath bombs for personal use or a friend. I don't have any specific cosmetic colorant (i only make them uncolored) but I happen to have some liquid food colorants.. Could I use those for bath bombs?


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You could but the colors wont' be very vibrant and also the water in the reg food color may cause a bit of a reaction. I have used these before and it does work but the color is not vibrant

I would go to walmart and get some wilton's icing colors these gel colors work really good

they come in singles or in boxes of basic colors

Just use a toothpick to grab the color and put it in a little at a time until you get the color you want

These are my prefered colors over anything

good luck :)

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Thank you very much for your answer, I'd like to have a walmart here it seems a beautiful place but Italy doesn't have it!

I will try adding a bit of color and "counting" it as a part of the witch hazel or other water I'll add, could it be?

Or.. I'll go snow white again!


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Oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were in Italy.

go ahead and use the food coloring it will work, add until you get the color you want . Your not putting water in the bath bombs are you, hope not

Just add the color drops and knead it into the mixture, once you have the color you want, then just over fill your mold and then push it close wiping of the excess.

I personally don't use witch hazel

but I do rub oil into my molds to make the bomb release easily.

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