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stupid question about craft shows


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I have 5 scents in tarts that are now marketable, so I'm designing my packaging and will hopefully be able to start taking those 5 (plus any more I get done between now and my next show) to the craft shows.

My next show is for crafts/art only and has to be made by you. I was was wanting to order some warmers so I could have them for those who may not have a warmer or may need a new one (or may just want the design I have). Do you know if those are still permissable at these types of shows because they are a necessaty to use your product? I have an message into the organizers about it, but have not heard back yet. I want to get them ordered soon if I can bring them. I'm not smart enough to make my own warmers... I would have a lawsuit coming at me for sure if I had to make electrical stuff:laugh2:


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I was wondering that too if I could just put together some gift/combo packs which includes a warmer.

My only hesitation on that is that I don't want to have 1 for each scent (with only have 5 it isn't a big deal, but as I add more, that could get costly). Unless I had a "starter pack" option, where they pick out so many tart packages and you can get a warmer for so much.

I'll have to wait to see what they say.

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I bring warmers to all my craft shows and have never had a problem.

If they say you can't have them their, just put them under the table.

If they do question you, explain to them that they are needed to use your melts, that the warmer is part of your craft to make it work properly.

You don't make your own jars, lids or wicks . Right.. Same concept.. :cheesy2:

Most shows do this so Pampered Chef and Avon won't show up. LOL

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When I do make tarts to sell I bring tart warmers along to the craft show. Otherwise you have customers asking for them and a few won't purchase the tarts without the warmer. Never been questioned at any show about the warmers and I only do juried shows that require hand crafted items only.

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