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Do you add extra FO or refresher bottles?


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Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you add extra FO to wickless candles or melts/tarts or if you add a refresher bottle of FO in like 1/2 dram size so that the scents can be refreshed when they fade?

I had someone ask me about a refresher bottle and thought I would get some input on what others do.

Thanks in Advance for the help!!

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My guess is you are probably putting the maximum amount of FO allowed in your wax already to make your melts highly scented. Since each wax is different and will hold a specific percentage of FO recommended by the manufacturer its not a good idea in general to add more. Any more and you may have oil seepage and the customer could end up with a greasy melt to clean out of their melter.

I've added more FO to my own melts and found that after a while they either start getting oily or messy to clean up.

Why would you want to offer a refresher bottle anyway? Isn't the whole idea for them to want to buy more melts from you.

I think I would sell the oil as a scented warmer oil instead. I love putting FOs in my tart warmer bowls and scenting the room with the heated oils. This is also how I try out different oil blends by mixing them and heating in my warmer. Lots of cute oil warmers you could sell as a package with the oils.

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I have a large wickless candle that I just dumped the wax out of after 6 months. It was made with comfort wax so it never got a nasty smell. Was about 25 oz of wax and whenever I couldn't smell much of a scent I would add about 1 oz and stir. I could have kept it going forever, maybe. The jar looks like crap with a hard brown cooked on wax or FO, not sure. But I washed out as good as I could and I'm filling with a summer scent. I suggest paraffin for wickless it really last a long time and you can add extra scent. If you want to sell a bunch I wouldn't give her too much extra FO. Just suggest a fresh new wax after so long.

Also this candle was on 24/7 with the Irvin punched tin candle warmer. It's a very large warmer heated with a light bulb.


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We had thought about this also at one time, but the cost to package and label the bottles was just not worth the time. Our thought was why would someone pay $3.50+ for the refresher bottle and not just buy some more tarts for $2.00? So stocking up on tarts they go :) xoxo

Oh and no we do not add extra FO. Our tarts are made the same as our containers, votives, and tea lights. :)

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