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NG's Newborn Baby


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wow is this strong. I was pouring a bunch the other night and told my DH to pick one and this is the one he chose (he has strange scent choices for a man sometimes lol)

I am pouring tarts/melts only right now and this one is now on its 4th day and strong as ever (after 24 hour cure in KY para-soy, heated to 165 add FO, cool to 145 and pour into molds/portion cups)

I don't personally find this a favorite scent, but it is better than most 'baby' scents I've come across. Not quite baby oil/lotion and not quite baby powder, but a pleasant mix of the two.

I was wondering if anyone found this a big seller, so far its the longest lasting scent I have tried. (I've only poured about a dozen separate scents right now, looking for at least a 48 to 72 hour scent throw)


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I'm not sure how you would wick this one, since I am only working with tart/melts at the moment, but I can say that in my opinion this FO is as strong in my wax (at 1oz pp) as it was in the bottle for the melt if that helps lol.


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