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BCN Dragon's Blood and Musk?


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Old thread, but have to say CS Dragon's Blood is getting fantastic feedback for me. At a recent craft fair, I had several people come up, smell it and say, "It smells like the '70's!". Yes, then they bought it. :smiley2: Their Moon Lake Musk also evokes afternoons spent in Port-O-Call buying records and incense...haven't used that one in a candle yet though.

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I bought some Dragon's Blood from a seller here on the forum. Tonysfragranceoils, which I think is no longer in business.

Very strong. I made a pillar and the CT is so strong I had to put it outside. I gave it to a co-worker who had to do the same. We're a bit afraid to light it.

I made another pillar with less scent, less than an ounce per pound, and the CT is normal compared to other candles. Well, a little strong, but not nasty strong.

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Tony's is Southern Garden Scents and they are definitely open! They also carry the Old Mill fragrances that are awesome.

For Dragon's Blood I have been using the one from CS. I am also getting great feedback on this oil. Use it at 1 oz pp in GG palm and it throws wonderful and everyone loves it. Haven't tried their Moon Lake Musk but after reading about it here I will get myself a sample next time I shop for supplies at CS.:smiley2:

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Catlover and Candybee- Have you had people tell you dragon's blood from CS smells like the incense they buy?

I have the dragon's blood from BCN and have a had a few people tell me that's it's not the same as their incense, BCN smells more ambery,musky, almost like a thick smell to me.

I have people looking for a more spicy- dragon's blood and I'm not sure which to try.

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I never smelled the original Dragon's Blood, so I don't have a basis for comparison to the original. But, I do have the FO from Tony/SGS, Candle Science and Nature's Garden. Based on the scent strictly OOB, my preference is the order I just listed. All three do well in soy and I've tested Tony's and NG in incense.

OOB, Tony's has a very nice musky/sandalwood fragrance and you can really smell the sweetness from the orange and cedar. Very nice in soy and excellent in charcoal incense. Although you can smell the different notes it really comes together when burning.

Candle Science OOB you can definitely smell the patch and then the musk/sandalwood. The sweet notes are more faint. If you were to pick the bottle up and sniff, you would think 70's fragrance. Also does very well in wax. I haven't soaked this in incense yet nor tried a side-by-side test with Tony's.

Nature's Garden version OOB, a little difficult to describe. Not sure if the plastic bottle distorts the scent or what. Doesn't smell bad, just have to really try to pick out the different notes. I think someone mentioned it was musky, which is probably about right. It's alright in soy but I prefer Tony's or CS. The biggest difference was on the incense. I was testing wood punks for Judy and thought it had a very smokey fragrance while burning. I attributed that to the type of incense. Soaked some charcoal incense and it also has the same smokey scent while burning.

Don't know if this helps or not. Just mho on the different versions.


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