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Safely coloring the outside of glass containers (not the wax inside)?

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I'm looking at the square Libbey cube jars at my Dollar Tree store and wondering if they can be somehow colored? Is it safe to Modge Podge tissue paper to the outside of the jars? Obviously you don't want to put tissue paper on the inside, but there's always the chance of a jar breaking so that flame could get to the outside. And if the Modge Podge is flammable then you've got double fire hazards there, but if the Modge Podge isn't flammable, then it may mitigate any potential problems with the tissue paper?

Anyway, that's just a very elementary beginning thought on coloring the outsides of glass jars. Are there better methods?

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There used to be a glass paint that you painted on, then had to put the piece on a cookie sheet and bake it on in the oven. It was heat safe. I used it on a couple of food serving containers and you could put hot food and liquids in it with no problem. Think you could put in the dishwasher too, but don't remember for sure. The only way you could remove it was with a scouring pad. Of course, this was over 10 years ago, so I don't know if they still make it, but you could check the craft stores.:)

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You'll see seams if you mod podge and where the glue is as well.

Try Bernadette's suggestion. They do sell some stain glass paints, but I don't know how well they will work ... check Hobby Lobby. Someone there may be able to help you out.

As for the danger ... likely the biggest danger is your jar breaking from too much heat inside.

I think stainglass containers would look oh so cool.

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I have used the paint for glass that you baked, was not food safe. It looked good for painting flowers and it is clear like glass. You can see each stroke but again maybe if rolled on it would look better.

I believe they use Modge Podge to paint the inside of porus containers so they will hold wax and not leak. So the fire thing doesn't apply to it. I'm sure if you cut the paper so it would fit all of one side it would look good. Maybe thin the MP with water and apply with a small foam roller. If you got some really nest tissue paper I think it would look great. Maybe match the paper with the scent. Like Rain forest...

Look at the craft stores they have so many nice things now.


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What about screen printing? I was looking into it before, and I know several personalized gift stores use screen printing to personalize both candles and the glass containers. Not sure if it's dangerous or flammable, but screen printing seems a pretty common way to do it. Actually, now that I think about it, it's probably not flammable since screen printing is used as the industry standard for printing on clothes and just about anything else. You don't have to get a big set up. There is this table top screen printing system, called Yudu, that's gotten some good results and reviews. I talked to a few crafters who use it and am thinking about getting it someday. If you stick with only the Yudu products, then it gets expensive, but you don't have to use their screens, inks or emulsion sheets, despite what the company says :rolleyes2.

Another idea is glass etching. Haven't researched this one much, but I think there is a fairly easy, inexpensive way to do it using this glass etching fluid. Maybe google at home glass etching or something.

ETA: a more involved way with a higher learning curve and more $$ would be dye sublimation. I've also looked into that one pretty extensively as a way of printing on things that can't go through a printer, such as glass containers! Again, this is a very common way to decorate everything from coffee cups, to baking dishes, to ceramic tiles, to t-shirts and leather belts. Just about anything can be printed on using dye sub. I don't believe it's flammable since it is used as a way to decorate baking dishes and clothes.

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