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When GREAT packaging will net only 1 sale

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Recently I purchased some used molds from a great gal in PA, on eBay. Along with them, she sent this 2 pak of candles as freebies.


Real cute packaging I thought. Loved the little wooden ornie! I would have bought them on looks. They are obviously handmade, and come from a place in Omaha. The name and city were on the bottom of the bag. Don't know how the gal in PA got them as Omaha is a long way from PA, but who knows? I looked for them on the web but I guess they don't have a website. These candles are 2" diameter and don't fit in any size votive holder. So last night I decide that I'm going to try one to compare to my own. On the bottom of the candle is the standard, Prevent Fire label - don't burn unattended, around kids or pets, or near flammable objects. Period. Nothing about burn time, on heat safe surface, etc. I light it up and within less than a minute, I have a 5" flame!:shocked2: That's right, a full 5" and it kept getting bigger until it had burned for 15 minutes, then it very gradually went down. Sorry, didn't take a pic of the flame, but was afraid to leave it to get the camera and didn't want to blow it out as I wanted to see how it would continue.

After 2 1/2 hours, the flame got so low you could barely tell it was lit; like it was drowning; and the side were bulging bad. I tried to hug it, but melted wax went over the side(back left). That's when I blew it out. It smoked so bad, I could have sent smoke signals! It stopped smoking after 5 minutes!:shocked2:


I appreciate that the gal sent these to me. I know she was trying to be nice. But if I had purchased these, it would be the first and last time. Packaging was great, but the quality stunk. It was like they had never been tested. And that first 15 minute flame is a real fire hazard.

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Sounds like the candles were dipped since the flame was large at first until it hit where the original candle was. I think the "inner" candle was probably underwicked and the wax treatment to 'grubby' the candles must have carried some element that turned it into a torch when lit. That could be why it took 15 minutes before it got to the candle part. And also if it was underwicked that would be why the flame then appeared to drown out.

Whatever it is it doesn't sound like it was tested well enough (if at all) prior to selling it. Did the label indicate whether or not it was intended for burning or just for scenting a room only?

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