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OOB scent versus scent in wax


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I am still fairly new to this so have been sampling a lot of FO's. I have been ordering a lot of the FO's that seem to be favorites on this board. When I smell some in the bottle, they dont smell that great (to me) even though they have great reviews so I havent tried them in wax. Is it typical for a scent to smell better in wax than it does in the bottle, or does it usually end up about the same in wax? I was curious about others experience with this.


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Well, the best example I can give you of this is a fo I bought on eBay that was supposed to be NY Cheesecake. OOB it smelled like mildew or mold or something equally nasty. :shocked2:

The seller was very nice and told me that she'd just made tarts with it and her family loved it! I was extremely skeptical but I decided to try it anyway, it was only 1 oz. :rolleyes2

When I finally made the candle you could have knocked me over with a feather! It smelled just like what it was supposed to smell like! So the moral of this story is to never ever judge a fo by it's oob smell! ;)

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I would expect that if you put a tiny bit on a piece of paper and let that dry for a bit, you might get something a lot closer to the intended scent. Sniffing the bottle all you get are "top notes".

I have purchased the tester strips from AH/RE and used them. But I found that my favorite is buying a pad of water color paper and cutting it in strips. I like to use that for blending and testing new straight FO's. I try letting them sit, then sniff, and when blending I run the blow dryer over it to warm the FO, that way is my personal favorite way to smell it gently warmed.

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For me if I hated it in the bottle, it still was a stinker when I put it in wax. I already know that I am not suppose to say that, but it has been that way for me.

Is it a matter of taste or are they bad smelling to everyone oob? Do you know what I mean? For example, I personally don't care for many florals so most of them smell yucky in the bottle to me. :confused:

So now I'm not sure if the OP was referring to oils that truely smell nasty oob or if she meant she just didn't care for some of them? 'Cause if that's the case then it's a YMMV question, right? :lipsrseal

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