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Coconut Oil


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I would stay away from it. My understanding is you can sub palm kernel oil/flakes for coconut oil. My son has a severe peanut allergy, and we have to carry epipens with us in case he gets a tiny amount in his system, which can send him into anaphalactic shock. Technically, he is allergic to the protein and not the fat in peanuts. But we were advised to stay away from peanut oil as well because of the chance of a wayward protein molecule remaining in the oil. If your granddaughter is as sensitive to coconuts as my son is to peanuts, I definitely wouldn't risk it.

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Thanks, I thought she might. I don't even have coconut around here for when she's not here. It's just gone from our lives. Her allergy is not as severe as your son's, but I certainly wouldn't want to even take the chance!

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