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Sandy Stones at C&S


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I have been using this FO for several years in my M&P soaps and its always been a best seller for me. Found out yesterday that they discontinued it.:(

Was hoping someone may be familiar with this oil and know of a similar one or where I can find it? C&S would not tell me where they got it or where I might find a replacement so I a trying to find out on my own.

The only description of it is: "Very powerful and strong, but as clean and fresh as spring water running over sandy stones." I have no idea what is in this oil, only this description from the C&S site.

If you know of it or a replacement please help. Thanks.

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I hope we do find a replacement. I had an ounce or so of this that I had got as part of a classifieds purchase and found that I love it. I just used it this past February, and now you're telling me I can't get it anymore. :(

It was a clean, cold, outdoorsy, fresh, slightly watery scent, if that helps anyone to suggest a replacement. No mint or menthol in it.

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We posted about this months ago, and I had a friend ask me recently if I could get more of it. He is adamant that he wants THAT one and he would actually pay for it if I could get it. :( Are there any more suggestions? Anything come up recently? Maybe another supplier is carrying it now?

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