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NG's Cracklin Birch..wick help

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I posted this in the fragrance section, should have probably posted it here instead.

I just love this fo...but I can't wick this for nothing in the jar I'm using.

I'm trying to wick it in an 8oz sq mason. I'm using 4627 wax. 6% fo and 1 dye chip PP.

I've tried CD's...CDN's...HTP's I try to stick with the HTP's since this wick is recommended for this wax. I've gone up to a 126 and it still tunnels.

I hate to give up on this fo...I love it that much. Guess I may have to though...darn it. I'm going to try it in Glass Glow tonight for the first time. Might make up a batch of soap tomorrow with it. Obviously I'm desperate to get it in something LOL.

Has anyone had any luck with this fo?

TIA...did I mention how much I want to have a candle in this fo?:laugh2:

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Oh no, I don't want to hear this. lol I just got this one last week and will be putting it in palm soon. I'll let you know how it goes if I get it done before you do. Were pouring it in GG and pillars.

Good luck!! I think I might need it too.

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Meridith...it's a bugger!!! I love it though. I can't get it to do anything in this comfort blend. I'm going to pour glass glow tonight I hope. I'll let you know how it works out too.

update - I poured this with glass glo palm in a 9 oz. hex jar 6% FO and 1 drop dye with a CSN 12 and its burning beautifully so far. The wick is not struggling and the mp is good. I poured this one yesterday and without a cure, I can already smell it. I still haven't had the chance to pour it in soy or in a palm pillar.

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that is great news meridith! i hadn't gotten a chance to make anything with it since i posted. glad to hear it's working in glass glow. i'll try the liquid dye too, or maybe even no dye to leave it white like birch. thanks for updating

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