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NG's Cracklin Birch...wick help


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I just love this fo...but I can't wick this for nothing in the jar I'm using.

I'm trying to wick it in an 8oz sq mason. I'm using 4627 wax. 6% fo and 1 dye chip PP.

I've tried CD's...CDN's...HTP's I try to stick with the HTP's since this wick is recommended for this wax. I've gone up to a 126 and it still tunnels.

I hate to give up on this fo...I love it that much. Guess I may have to though...darn it. I'm going to try it in Glass Glow tonight for the first time. Might make up a batch of soap tomorrow with it. Obviously I'm desperate to get it in something LOL.

Has anyone had any luck with this fo?

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I imagine you haven't found a solution to the problem. I've left it here even if you've posted elsewhere because I own the FO and have wanted to do something with it. I just don't know what yet. Wondering if I will have the problems wicking it as well in a straight paraffin.

Suggestion might be to make wickless out of it for now. There are some fragrances that require a torch just to get a decent flame. TNC's oil of amber was like that. I swore I wouldn't ever wick it again lol.

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Hi Debbie

We use this one in glass glow. We pour into an 8 oz metro (status) jar, the medium size one (which I hate). We have had success in this jar using glass glow wicking with a CDN 12. It sure took some testing to get it right though, and am still going through about 4 other scents at the moment with various wick sizes to get those right.

I hate the jar, however it is for a different range of ours, which is not country looking at all, so dont have too much choice in the jar selection unfortunately.


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This oil is VERY temperamental!! I swear it would burn fine in one room, but not another. If the conditions aren't perfect for this FO, it'll act like a rebellious teenager ;) As much as I loved the oil, we had to let it go...oh, and we were using KY Parasoy with zinc wicks.

I think it would be fabulous in soap...especially for men!!

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