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WSP Bath Whip


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Has anyone tried it? I'd like to buy it and use as a foaming sugar scrub. I like the fact that it's paraben-free. The price, with shipping included, sounds reasonable.

I considered EBC Glowing Skin Sugar scrub, but it is so expensive! And the one from Aquatech - unless I read wrong - needs to have the sugar or salt added. I'd like something as natural as possible that my daughter could use (she is sensitive to various ingredients). Thank you for your input. :)

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You're talking the foaming bath whip, which is similar to FBB? If so, yes I tried it and wish I hadn't. I'm not at all impressed. It does foam up nicely in the shower and feels smooth on my skin. But many people say it's drying. I haven't used it enough to say if it is or not. What I don't like about it is, for me at least, it hasn't held it's light, whipped texture for very long and becomes hard again after a couple of days. It's not rock hard, but definitely not light and whipped. If it stayed fluffy for me, I'd probably like it (but not enough to buy it again). I've tried making it a couple times, and it was the same both times. Now I have about 4-5 lbs left and am not really motivated to try another batch... I'm going to try adding more sweet almond oil and whipping it longer if I ever get around to playing with it again.

I also added sugar to one of the batches to make a scrub. The problem with this stuff is the sugar melts in it, so you have to put a lot in to make up for it. It just doesn't compare at all to my emulsified scrubs. Have you tried making your own emulsified scrubs? I believe you can add some SLSA if you want it to foam. They are very easy to make -- trust me. Complete noob, and I've made two emulsified scrubs so far with really good success! Very easy and very nice in the shower. I haven't priced it out, but I think once you buy all the ingredients, it's probably cheaper than buying the FBW and just adding sugar, FO and color.

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Ditto for me too....tried it and didn't like it and I too added additional oils. Way too drying for my skin. (I don't need any extra puckering). I have some left but not much. I mostly use it (already whipped up) as a shaving soap/cream for my legs. Works pretty good for that and at least I'm using it. Gave some away and they seemed to like it (why not it was free!).

I agree..since I started making emulsified sugar scrubs I would not change to another product. The bath whip took way too much sugar.

That being said..you might like it...there are people who do.


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