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2-inch Palm Pillars?

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I have some remeltable wax left over from previous testers, so I decided to give it a try. This is a 2-inch feather palm pillar wicked with CSN 9. The photos are taken at the start of the burn and then at 3 hours and 4 hours. The wick was a little shorter than 1/2" when lit.

I wish I had gotten photos at 1 hour and 2 hours so you could see that the burn rate was considerably faster for much of the burn than shown in these photos. That probably helped. It slowed down by the 3 hour point and I saw some accumulation of wax in the melt pool in the final hour of the burn. You can see it if you compare the second and third photos. That can be a problem.

So the first burn worked out, but the question is how fast will it burn the next time I light it. If it settles down to a slower burn than I got the first time around, the wax may spill over at some point.




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Pretty pillar! I know I would rather wick a 3" or 4" than a 2. That looks like a good burn. Let us know how the 2nd burn goes. I think I use a flat #3 and 4 wick with my palm. Pretty purple color.......

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The burn photo is at the end of 3 hours. I was going to report that the second burn was successful, but I let it go a few minutes longer as I downloaded the photos from the camera. During those few minutes, the wax spilled over a little bit as shown in the second photo.



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