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Recommendations for BCN Closeout/Surplus Fragrances?


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Not a lot in the way of descriptions for these scents, I've done multiple board searches but still can't decide. Are there any worth taking advantage of (lalalalalla)? Tia!! :grin2:

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Honestly, I think each one is different. I've gotten some that were crap...like Rain (I don't think they have any of this left) and Harvest Moon. At the time that I ordered Rain, I was using paraffin and it didn't blend into the wax. Harvest Moon is light. Some others are nice and strong, so it may be worth taking a chance.

Pumpkin Pie and Cranberry are awesome and I wish they still had some. If anyone has any, please send my way (:

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I have tried Rain also, and cannot get it to blend in my soy blend, at all. Crazy stuff. I like the scent, but it sure doesn't go well with my wax.

I have tried many of the CO scents.

Aqua Floral, I really like this one. Soft and fresh.

Lemon Bundt Cake, one of my favorites, and I have several customers that really like it too. Not sure what I will do when it is gone.

Violet and Birch. I love this one, and I don't like flowers. Unusual.

Strawberries and Margarita, I renamed this one Strawberries and Cream. I have had this one for years.

Harvest Moon, didn't have much luck with this one either. I was hoping people would like it as much as Harvest, which I sell a ton of. No luck.

Aqua Di Gio, have sold quite a bit of this also.

Banana Cream Pie, still trying to get rid of this one. Smells just like what it says, but people have not seemed to like it.

Black Forrest Truffle, didn't sell much of this either. Very chocolatey, but not a good seller.

Daffodils, pretty scent, but didn't sell that well either.

Floral Fantasy, have carried this for a quite a while, pretty popular.

Fresh Outdoors, this one is so strong. If I really, really dilute it down, it sells better. Just so strong, it takes over everything.

Greenhouse, I like this one. Smells fresh to me, haven't used it much yet.

Heavenly Honeydew, not been a big seller. Have carried it for a long time. Smells a lot like honeydew to me, though.

Lemon Bundt Cake, as I mentioned, one of my favorites.

Lime Kiwi, hasn't done so well. Very strong lime, but reminds me of Lysol.

Mahogany Spice, strong one. I really like it, it does okay.

Spicy Vanilla, good one too. Nice scent, it does okay in melts.

Vanilla Nut, also very strong. Very nutty. Has also done okay.

Violet and Birch, one I also like very well.

I see I am too late for the special, but thought i would finish this up anyway.

I really have had good luck with their closeouts.

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