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my candle test

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I just wanted to share my candles. i am new and have been testing to see what wax i like with lots of tips from reading here. i hope these pics work. the candles are a blend of 85% 6006, 15% ecosoya excel, 1 tsp coconut oil, 7% FO, and 1 dye chip per pound. i melted to 190, added dye and fo, stirred well, poured at 180 into room temp jars, and cooled on a rack. so far they look perfect and are burning well. this is after two hours of burn time on the first burn. what do you guys think?






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What type and size of wick did you use? I see the status jars (my favorite) and the apothecary (they look like 16oz. apothecaries), but what type of container is the one in the last picture?

Keep us updated, please! :smiley2:

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sorry... i was so focused on getting the pics to post i forgot some info. i have two 8oz apothecary jars with a 4 in diameter scented pumpkin crunch cake by nature's garden. they are in the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th pics. in picture two the jar on the left has a lx 26 and the jar on the right a lx 24. the other jars are 8oz status jars with about a 3 in diameter scented buttered run from nature's garden. they are in the 1st, 4th, and 5th picture. in picture one the jar on the left has a cd16 and the jar on the right has a lx21.

picture 5 is just all of the jars i just described together in one shot.

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thanks debbie. so far i have done three 4 hour burns. the scent is good but none of them have reached a full melt pool yet. each burn has gone out closer to the edge. it also keeps its nice creamy smooth top when it rehardens so i like that too. i will keep going though. i may make another tester in each jar with one wick bigger for both.

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