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Pine Cone Fire Starters... Question about the pine cones


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I have a few questions about the pine cones for fire starters. I have pine cones in my yard... but they are quite large ones. Do any of you that make them, break the pine cones in half or just use them as is?

Another question is they are sticky from sap from the tree. Do you try to wash the pine cones first or just use as is?

The pine cones I get are from the Eastern White Pine tree.

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Can't help you with the large question because the ones in my yard are the smaller ones so that is waht I use.

I collect them up in a pail and then put water in the pail to wash them off a little. Then I put them in the oven for a while until I think any bugs in them might be dead. Then I usually just let them sit for a dew days and by that time they are all dry and ready. And that's just because I usually don't have time to get to them until a few days to a week later.

HTH a little.

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I just read somewhere to soak them in epsom salt. I wonder if that gets rid of the stickiness?

We have a ton of pine trees in my state but they all seem to be of the larger variety. I did try cutting them in half but it looked a bit tacky.

Does anyone dip theirs in wax before putting them in the liners? I think I am going to try that next.

When you get the pine tree sap stuck to you, it's hard to get off.

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I use the big and small ones. If they are fresh, I would let them sit and dry a season (outside). As I sell them pretty cheap, I don't have extra time and money to spend on "soaking" or "washing" them. I have had no problems at all.

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