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Waterbase Liquid for tart warmers?


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:shocked2:I guess I have been out of the loop for awhile. I have been selling regular tarts in molds for several years now. Works for me! However I saw the other day someone had a bottle of liquid targeted to pour in tart warmers. (NO mess) Ok, sounds good, it was kind of grainy and on the gel side. There was nothing on the package as to what this stuff was. I am assuming it was water base because they said it would evaporate. Anyone know what this is made of and how well this works. I has just been my experience that water base anything just does not fit the bill for me in tart warmers. All warmers are different and some are way too hot for water base and evaporate way too fast. I won't make or sell something I do not feel comfortable with.

I would love to sell those wall plug in, but they just scare me to death. People are nuts and some times don't have the sense God gave a goose! :laugh2:

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