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Is it just me?.......


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or are the BNL fragrance oils from BCN to die for?? For some reason I was drawn to these particular oils right off the bat because of the descriptions, but every single one I've tried has been awesome!!! I want to buy them all! Do you guys have any favorites from the BNL line? :)

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It's not just you mzpickles ... BNL fragrance oils are awesome. As for favorites, I would say ...

Vanilla Nut Bread

Warm Apple Pie

Apple Jack & Peel

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Cucumber Melon

Coconut Bay

That's off the top of my head.

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BNL- All Hallow's Eve. My FAVORITE Fall scent. I love it so much. If I could snort it, I would. :P

LMAO!! :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2:

I don't know if that says more about the FO or you CBE! :P But I know what you mean, I love the BNL Sandalwood Vanilla the same way, I'd jump into a vat of it if I could! :shocked2:

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Grandma's Pie Crust and Vanilla Sandalwood have been great. I used to just love BNL. Was so glad when BC started carring them. Just can't remember all my favs. I do know that you can't go wrong with them though!

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