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daystar white choc macadamia?????

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Problem is a sample pack isn't going to be worth your shipping either lol (same as it is everywhere almost) ... but if you got a couple of sample packs it might be.

If you like leather stuff and if she still carries it, goodlooking cowboy is worth an add. The lush dupes are there too. She's big on vanilla and vanilla-based fragrances.

I enjoyed Hunter's Moon. Not sure if she still has it, but at least it isn't bakery :)

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She usually ships via Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail, so it sort of makes it worth your while to order more! :wink2:

Oh and if you get pizzelle, let me know how it is!

Scented, I'll be getting this soon, it was recommended by the lovely members here so as a dedicated FOHO I must have it! :laugh2:

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I'm interested in the white chocolate macadamia as well. I have a couple of questions for Daystar but nobody ever picks the phone up there and I haven't received a reply to my email too. Do any of you have service issues with this company?

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I know some people on this board have had trouble getting any response from Stacy, but she's always gotten back with me, not always the same day, but usually within the same week! :shocked2:

She almost never picks up her phone, but she told me once that her emails go to her cell phone. Just keep emailing if you don't hear from her. And if you don't mind me asking, what are your questions? Maybe if you ask them here some of us that have bought from her in the past can help you! :)

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You enablers!! lol. I was going to surprise her with a sampler of this :laugh2:

oooooh we are FO HO's. we are good for business but bad for our bank accounts!!

Nice one! Can you post some photos of that daystar white choc macadamia? I really love to have one. :D

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