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Body Oil recipe

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My husband got me a few B&B products from etsy for Mother's Day and I absolute;y love the body oil he bought. I was wandering if any of you might have a recipe that you wouldn't mind sharing. The one he bought came in a 4zo. spray bottle and it is very light, not greasy at all. Here are the ingrdients listed on the bottle...Any clue how much of each I would need to try to replicate it for myself?

Fractionated coconut oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Squalane, Orchid flower extract, fragrance, cardamom oil

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hmm, no way to tell the exact amounts really, but both FCO and Jojoba are nice in that way, not totally greasy. Whats really nice about Squalane is like FCO in that its non staining... and its super stable, so it gives a longer shelf life. Its not the same as olive oil, so you would, to get the same effects, have to buy Squalane versus just using olive oil.. its kinda spendy. I bought some from lotioncrafter a long time ago, I believe I paid almost $50 for 16oz.

I went to school for massage therapy and I'm still licensed in WA state although I let it expire... my massage oil recipe was 8 parts Sweet almond, 1 parts Jojoba, 1 parts FCO, and then .5% EO. The sweet almond oil is a very common massage oil but for a spray on oil, I would replace it with something else because I used it specifically because it remains greasy for a certain amount of time before absorbing, giving me lots of time to concentrate on that area of the body without having to re-apply.

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