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Would This Work for a Mold?


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I understand the Ikea 9-drawer organizer units are no longer available, but I found these online that I thought could be used for soap molds. Not quite sure on the dimensions. It comes three to a pack, in different lengths. The nice thing is they also have lids. Although I haven't yet made my first CP batch, I think you're supposed to cover and insulate your soap as it sits in the mold, right?

Anyway, just wondering if anyone had taken a look at these in person.


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Hmmm... thanks! If they're a decent width and height, I may get them. It might actually work for me since I will be making smaller batches. I may take a trip out to Ikea tomorrow and will let everyone know the actual dimensions.

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The longest one looks like the best option, but check the wood too. If it isn't very thick, you aren't going to hold heat well if you intend to gel. Too thick and your batch will trap heat. That's the difference I'm noticing in a mold that was made for me by a friend when compared to one that just wasn't ... well ... no comment.

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