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Pint Kerr Jars

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TY I was thinking the same thing for the 50/50. I did pour 1 last night with the C 3 wax and put in a CD 16. I may have to go up to an 18. I guess we'll see when I test. I really like the looks of these better than the wide mouth ones. But that's just me....lol

What type of wicks do you use? If you're using zincs, I would start testing with a 60z for the 50/50.
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CD16 had a really nice scent throw but the wick danced way to much and the jar got real hot real fast. I replaced it with a CD 14, still a nice scent throw, a little dancing of the wick, I'll let it go for a while and see how hot the jar gets May have to go down to CD12. Anyone have to go down that far with this type of jar? I'm using Grapefruit & Watermelon from GL. I'll keep trying for $0.61 a jar.

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I've been using these jars for years and the flame will usually dance a little. It has to do with air circulation. The top being narrow. My favorite wick is a 62c. I also use a cd 18 or 20 on heavy oils. I use 100% soy.



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