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Labeling gift/variety boxes


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I was going to put together some gift/variety boxes for those bars that just don't meet my individual size requirements (instead of remelting and repouring). So now I have some labeling questions.

1. Would you put an ingrediant label on each indvidual bar and/or outside of the box.

2. Do I need to put an individual weights on each bar or can I put a net weight of all bars on the outside.

I hope this isn't posted somewhere else. I have issues with that search button :laugh2:


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I am planning on doing the same thing as a "grab bag" and just labeling the ingredients on the actual soaps using the labels I use for free samples and with a total weight on the outside of the package. I seem to have a TON of bars of soap that I cut a little shy of my normal 4 oz from my last big production run that I need to do something with. If I cut them all as samples I will have samples forever!

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