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Newbie question RE: fragrance retention


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JUst wondering when one see's a statment such as "fragrance oil retention of 10%", how does the percentage correlate to wax, in pounds? I guess my question is what is 10% or 6% in ounces, per pound? Thanks so much.

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"fragrance oil retention 10%" means that is the max amount of oil per pound of wax that should be added...more and the oil may seep. Standard use is 6% per pound but you can go up or down a bit depending on the oil. This is something you can only figure out by testing.

To figure out how much oil to use take the amount of wax...say 16oz and multiply by the %. For example 16 X .06% = .96oz of oil or approx 1 oz. To experiment with different amounts use the same formula.

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