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Peak's Strawberry Rhubarb


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I made a batch of soap using Peak's Strawberry Rhubarb. OOB this fragrance smelled ok to me (more Rhubarb than strawberry), but still decided to try it in soap as sometimes FO's smell ok OOB, but amazing in the product.

However, this soap smells like it forgot to take a shower!!! It reeks like BO and makes me nauseous every time I walk by the curing/drying bars. My husband even said that it doesn't smell very good.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can fix this one? It isn't even a mistake of mine that I'm willing to throw into my personal stash.

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Never tried peaks sr but when I get a "disappointing.....lol" final product, that I know I can't sell, Instead of throwing more of the same bad scent I try to think of another strong scent that might at least make soap salvageable for personal use..sooooooo on strawberry rhubarb I would either douse it with chocolate strawberry oil or vanilla, (kinda like pie and ice cream) God I sound dumb....lmao

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I think strawberry rhubarb is one of those fragrances that can smell great to one person but awful to the next. I've tried a bunch of 'em but always get a whiff of something skunkish even though other people have loved it. Like comfortscents said, maybe vanilla would tame it down.

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I've never tried it but I was reading about another rhubarb fo and the reviewer said that it smelled like play-dough for about a month and then the scent changed and it was lovely. Maybe your soap will go from an ugly duckling to a swan. Hope so.


ps let us know!

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