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Can rock salt be ground up to use in a salt scrub?


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I couldn't find my sea salt but while plundering around I did find an old box of rock salt. I tried beating some of it with a hammer to grind it up, but I didn't do a very good job of it and a lot of it was still too large to really make a decent salt scrub. Is it too hard to use in a coffee grinder? Or how about a blender, or would that make it too powdery? Just looking for frugal ideas to use up stuff I've already got.

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If you couldn't grind it fine enough you could just use it in bath salts. I have some customers who really like the big crystal salts, and they look very pretty when colored in jars. I've used rock/ice cream salt, kosher salt, sea salt, spa salt, you name it I've probably used it.

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